About Megan

Meet Megan: Self Love + Self Development Coach

You are likely here because you are ready to cultivate deep self love and rediscover your true self to live your best life. Well, you’re in the right place!

My ultimate goal is to help each beautiful soul like you learn how to start loving themselves, reach their wildest dreams and crush their most desired goals.

Nice to meet you! I’m Megan, a quintessential busy-bee with creative, infectious energy and a kind and generous soul. I was born into a loving family and grew up in Walla Walla, Washington (a town so nice they named it TWICE).

I am a dog mom, homemaker,
nurse practitioner, self love junkie,
adventure seeking travelista, foodie and fitness lover.

You can usually find me in my happy places: surrounded by family and friends, spending time at home with my boyfriend Gregory and labradoodle Coco, learning through self growth and personal development and adventuring in nature.

I believe there is no reason that each and every one of us cannot do the hard shit. The kind that scares us but feels SO RIGHT.

All we need is just a pinch of self belief, something that I am passionate about helping you cultivate.

Like you, I’ve been through the storms as well. The moments of overwhelm, self doubt and a lost sense of self. Through these storms and my journey as a nurse practitioner, I am driven to become better. What I’ve learned along the way is what drives me to help you to discover your full potential and live your best life. It is my burning desire to help you dig deep and overcome the storm that may be now because soon my friend, you will have that beautiful rainbow. Diamonds are made under pressure.

No one should settle for less than what they were created for. We are all capable of having pure bliss, achieving hard shit, finding true love, and building our wildest dreams. First, I believe that to receive all of these beautiful things in your life; you must truly love yourself, have self confidence and believe in yourself.

I want you to learn that the outside idea of perfection only goes so far and this does not = true happiness. True self love and mental strength will cause everything else to align and bring abundance into your life which will be the key to success and true happiness.

If this resonates and sparks something inside you, let’s chat!