Self Love Course

You KNOW you want to feel empowered, worthy and inspired by your life… but you don’t know where to start?

>> Are you feeling stuck? Like you know you were meant for more but you don’t know how to take the next steps towards getting there?

>>Do you struggle with self-confidence, feelings of self-worth and that pesky negative self-talk?

>> Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others – seeing others living out the life of your dreams and feeling like that will never be in your cards?

>> Are you guilty of always putting yourself on the back burner? Feeling totally exhausted and have come the reality that your self-love cup is totally on empty?

>> Do you feel like your life is on repeat, like you’re living each day over and over again and you’re dreading tomorrow?

>> Is your to-do-list on overflow, but every time you think of doing something… FEAR knocks you down? Do you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow or next week but you know you will never actually do that thing you have been wanting to do?

>> Have you been unhappy with your career, relationships and yourself for a while now but you’re stuck in overwhelm not knowing what to work on first?

>> I know what it’s like to feel like you aren’t worthy of self-love, or love from others and because of this you and the relationships that matter most in your life are suffering.

>> I get what it’s like to seem like you have it all together, but really on the inside you’re screaming for help! You know there has got to be more to life.

>> I understand that constant struggle with self-confidence and negative self-talk tearing you down when all you’re trying to do is build your life up. What gives?

>> Massively shift your mindset and beliefs for the better to unlock your true potential and bring positivity into your life?

>> Wake up feeling freaking fantastic, confident and excited to take action on the beautiful things you have planned in your life?

>> Raise your vibration and start manifesting your desires and passions that always seemed just out of reach and are now within grasp?

>>Begin cultivating deep self-love while maintaining a healthy balance in your life?

>> Use your newfound courage to rid your life of the toxic relationships and things that are no longer serving you?

>> Gain energy, motivation and clarity as you begin incorporating daily self-love tips and tricks to enrich your life?

>> Become a beacon of light and inspiration for others? You are going to be so radiant and renewed others are going to start asking you what you’ve been doing!

I know what it is like to be in that place of struggle wanting to find your purpose, longing to live a life you love and to truly love yourself but not

knowing what steps to take to get there. I used to be that girl too.


 Loving yourself means working on yourself each and every day, keeping a positive mindset in order to tap into the abundant greatness that is

already there within you and practicing daily self-care in order to fill up your self-love cup.


As I have incorporated these practices into my own life I have experienced first-hand how my life has begun to change. It is not just one thing I can

pinpoint for you, it is a true “compound effect” of daily habits and mindset shifts that have led to living a life that I can honestly say I am truly

happy to be living. Everything that I have dreamed of is coming to fruition and girl, you can have this too!


You know what is so freaking amazing… each and every day we have the chance to make a choice. We get to decide how we are going to live our

day, better yet we can decide that today we are going to start living the life we have always dreamed of. We get to choose what and who we come

into contact with and how we let that affect us. If something goes wrong we can choose to play the “victim” or we can choose to take that “negative

experience” and learn from it, come out on the other end of it stronger, wiser and more of a badass than ever before.


This six week experience will give you the tools you need to feel confident and empowered to be the girl you know that you are meant to be. To start

living the life you have always dreamed of and step into your magic. To become the girl that can handle anything that comes her way, without any

fears or self-doubt. The girl that loves herself, inside and out and does not care about what others think of her. You will truly start loving the skin

you are in and feeling like the true Goddess you were meant to be.


Are you ready to start building the life you love and to truly start loving yourself?


I am so excited to introduce my Spark Your Self-Love Course!

Here is a peek of what the next six weeks will look like:

I cannot wait to kick start this journey with you!!

Self-Love & the Mastery of Mindset

▲ Set Your intentions for the 6 week detox so that you can keep yourself focused on reaching your goals

▲ Learn the secret to making the most out of your day and how to prioritize so that you can spend time doing the things that best serve YOU

▲ Understand the meaning of self-love so that you can become aware of how to start adding more to your life right away

▲ Discover the power of positivity and manifestation to clarify your desires and call in what you would love to have most in your life

Awakening Your True Potential: Discovering Your Inner Light

▲ Leverage the power of journaling to get clear about your fears and blocks and overcome them to discover your true greater message

▲ Develop unapologetic confidence so you can turn your negative self-talk into positive self-beliefs and finally feel like you are enough

▲ Learn how to practice mindful meditation on the daily so that you can build a stronger sense of self-awareness that will bring you more inner peace and connection

▲ Discover 3 key components that are vital to designing a life you love so that you can begin to implement these elements into your life with ease

Healthy Habits for a Happier Life

▲ Learn how to fuel your body with the foods you need so that you can feel your absolute best and be more motivated to take on each day

▲ Uncover the how tos of meal prep and staying hydrated so that you will be ready to kick temptation to the curb and maintain a healthy diet throughout the day

▲ Identify your negative patterns and replace them with empowering ones so that you are taking the best actions for yourself daily

▲ Getting the most out of your beauty sleep so that you can wake up feeling revitalized and ready for anything

Uncover Your Inner Badass by Sweating it Out

▲ Discover the benefits of exercise to decrease your stress, increase your overall health and feel your absolute best

▲ Learn new exercise routines that you will love so that you can easily move your body and feel refreshed everyday

▲ Incorporate stretching and yoga into your practice to release stress and find your calm

▲ Understand the importance of having an accountability partner so you can find yourself one to keep you on track

Living in Divine Balance and Increasing Self-Care

▲ Explore what balance looks like for you so you can incorporate it into your life in a way that best aligns with your priorities.

▲ Learn how to feel like a Goddess by meeting your self-care needs on the daily

▲ Master bringing self-Love into your life, career and relationships so that you can draw in happiness and harmony to all these areas

Living Life by Your Design

▲ Set exciting short and long term life goals that you are passionate about and build the game plan to achieve them

▲ Quit your pursuit for perfection so you can get over your procrastination and start taking aligned actions towards your dream life

▲ Overcome the fear of other people’s judgments so you can unapologetically show up and work for your desires

▲ Discover how to celebrate all your success so you can develop a greater realization of how amazing you are and feel motivated to continue pushing forward

BONUS: Virtual Vision Board Party

Time to Set Goals with Passion and Purpose

See It, Plan It, Achieve It!

▲ Complete the vision board worksheet to create: crystal clear goals and visions that align with your true purpose

▲ Define your big picture vision for how you want to live your life so you know EXACTLY what you are working towards

▲ Create the crystal clear goals that lead up to your vision so you can consistently take the right actions to get to your vision

▲ Build and inspirational board representing your vision so that you can always be reminded of and motivated on getting your biggest dreams

>> By the end of these 6 weeks you are going to feel transformed girl! You will have a renewed sense of self-love, worthiness and finally accept you for who are. You are going to feel like a true queen. You will be ready to step into your highest potential, unleashing your authentic, true self to let your inner light shine bright and inspire those around you. You will feel strong, confident and capable to take on any task that you set your mind to. You will feel your mindset shift and all those pesky self-limiting beliefs will begin to melt away!

>>You will notice that the way you carry yourself, the way you talk to yourself and view yourself… it will be completely different. When you look in the mirror, YOU WILL LOVE WHAT YOU SEE! You will begin to love the life you are living, because you are designing it. You are in total control and you are choosing to take the time to invest in the changes needed to make your dream life happen. It is not just a dream anymore, girl, THIS IS YOUR NEW REALITY! You will have the tools you need to transform your life to help you overcome your fears and start living your life by design.

>> By the end of this course you will learn to love yourself – your true self. Over the next six weeks you will learn how to implement healthy changes into your day to day routine, shift your mindset, begin to cultivate deep love, maintain a healthy balance in your life, learn the power of positive thinking and become motivated to live your dream life. You will begin to see that consistency is key and that making time to work on YOU in order to live a life you love and become your best self is the best investment you could ever choose to make. What are you waiting for? It’s time to truly start living!


-This course will run over a six week period. New modules will be released at the beginning of each week.

– There will be a private Facebook group for members of this course only. This group will be a safe space where community will be cultivated, ideas can be shared and where you will find accountability. This is where I can be reached for questions and feedback throughout your journey.

-The course is held completely online – this is so great because that means you can be anywhere in the world and watch the videos in your time zone, on your schedule and complete the workbooks and trainings when it works for you!

▲Weekly video training content (Links will be posted via Facebook group)

▲  Weekly workbooks

▲  Weekly exercises and journal prompts

▲  Weekly affirmations

▲  Bonus: Virtual Vision Board Party




So nice to meet you! I’m a quintessential busy-bee with creative, infectious energy and a kind and generous soul. I am a nurse practitioner and self-love junkie.

My ultimate goal is to help each beautiful soul like you learn how to start loving themselves, reach their wildest dreams and crush their most desired goals. I have a passion for helping women dig deep, push past their limiting self-beliefs and build a life they love while learning what truly lights them up. If you are looking to create a change within, to follow your greatest desires and start living your best life… then you my friend are most definitely in the right place.


When does the program start?

This program will start on August 27th and will end on October 8th.

 How long is this course?

 This course will run “live” over a six week period. The Spark Your Self-Love Facebook group will remain open if you need additional time to complete activities or coursework.

What currency is the course?

This course is in USD.

 Is this course guaranteed?

I cannot guarantee results, I can guarantee that you will get out of this course what you put into it. You will be provided with the tools needed to make mindset shifts, those big scary changes in your life, begin to cultivate the deep self-love you have been yearning for and life that life you have been dreaming about. However, to get the results you desire, YOU must be the one putting in the work and taking the actions.

Spaces are limited as I like to give my full attention and be fully present and supportive to you throughout our time together to make this the best experience it can be for you.

 Will this work for me if I have a busy schedule?

 Yes! This course is done completely online so it can be done from anywhere (any time zone). The videos will also be recorded so you can watch them when it fits into your schedule during the week. The workbooks and activities will be sent to you so you can also complete these when it best fits into your life.

 How is this different than other self-help courses?

 You’re probably wondering why this course is different than the thousands of other self-help courses out there. Why should YOU take THIS COURSE?

This course is DIFFERENTbecause it is going to transform you from the inside out! This course is going to help you realize that YOU ARE A FREAKING QUEEN! You are worth taking the time to put in the work to achieve the life of your dreams. It is not going to fill you with mindless fluff, endless promises or BS… in this course you are going to learn the cold hard truth of what is holding you back and why you are putting limitations on your greatness. You are going to dig deep, get real with yourself and design a life you truly love! This course is also different in the way that you will be getting full 1:1 support within our private Facebook group throughout these next 6 weeks from me as your guide as well as from your peers, which will help to keep you fired up and accountable along your journey!

 Why am I qualified to teach this course?

 Several years ago, I was exactly where are you are now. I was struggling with living a life I was truly happy with. I didn’t truly love myself and was full of self-doubt and fears that were holding me back in more ways than one. I was constantly on the go, filling my life with so many things that were not truly making me happy but just filling a void. It took me a long time to realize that. When realization hit me hard in the face I finally understood that what I really needed was to take time and to work on me, meaning taking a deep dive into what would make ME truly happy, spending a lot of time on personal development,  and start working on filling up my self-love cup from the inside out. I learned that saying NO sometimes was the most liberating thing I could do for myself and that staying in sometimes and slowing down to really get in tune with what was important to making my life truly happy was the best gift I could have given myself. I began to really start learning what was lighting me up and I began going after my dreams and passions and turning them into a reality.

I am also a self-love and personal development coach and have a deep passion for helping to  inspire women to push past their self-limiting beliefs to unlock their true desires, passions and align with their deep inner light.  By day I am a nurse practitioner and love helping others and giving back to the community.


Email me at hello@withlovemegan.comor message me on Facebook.

I cannot wait to join you on your Self-Love Journey! XO