1:1 Program

– Live YOUR Life By Design –

1:1 Program

-Do you have a deep knowing that you are meant for more than mediocrity, but have no idea how to reach your greatest potential?

-Do you want to have an empowered and confident mindset that motivated you to do whatever you want?

-Do you want to design your dream life and create the plan to start living it today?

Girl, Let me fill you in on a little secret… you can have it ALL and you DESERVE IT ALL. Life is made for living, and you should be living your best life. So what are you waiting for? The joy of living a life around your passions begins when you start loving yourself, believing in yourself and filling up your own cup.  Once you begin incorporating these values into your daily routine, you will start to see abundance flowwwwwww.

Know YOU ARE WORTH IT. When you cultivate the right mindset you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

I am so excited to help you design a life that you truly love. I believe that behind every successful woman who is living life by her own terms, there are three key components: mindset, self-love and life design.

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” – Robert Morley


I see you there. You’ve got big dreams and a knowing that you are meant for more. However, you have all these self-doubts surfacing on the daily and no idea if you have what it takes to overcome them. I get you. I was once there too and it’s completely normal. This is where that vital mindset shift comes in.

Imagine that 3 months from now you can confidently say that you believe in yourself and you are boldly taking action for making your dreams come true. Envision yourself very clearly: you know what you want and get it. You got that dream job that you have been pining after, you ended your toxic two-year relationship that was bringing you down, or maybe now you are waking up every morning positively to exercise and get in your best mood. Whatever it may look like for you in your life, YOU ARE FREAKING CRUSHING IT. And it’s because you now have an abundant and positive mindset that motivates you to MOVE. To take action and to do what it takes. Do not play small, do not hold yourself back, you are made for greatness.

Once we begin to have an abundant mindset and self-belief this is when we will begin to push past our self-doubts and pesky fears that are holding us back from living our wildest dreams. We already have everything we need within us, we just have to believe that we do.

To develop a solid foundation of positive mindset success within YOUR life design, together we will work on:


Developing a daily mindset strategy and personally tailored routine so that you can feel positive high vibes first thing when you wake up in the morning and take on your day head on with confidence

Identifying why you have recurrent self-doubt so that you can learn the root of your fears and develop a plan to overcome them

Learning how to take responsibility for your energy so that you can see and navigate any situation positively

Gaining the clarity of when to release anything or anyone that is holding you back so that you can unapologetically become the best version of yourself



Self-Love is essential to designing a life you truly love. You cannot love and be grateful until you start to love and respect yourself. We often are our own worst critics when instead we should be our own biggest cheerleaders!


Self-love is about realizing that no one is perfect (including you!) and to love yourself fully as your perfectly imperfect self. I want you to learn how to love all of your flaws and ultimately turn your imperfections into a message that can inspire others to do the same. YOU are a beautiful, amazing, worthy, badass woman, so freaking SLAY girl.  

To cultivate your journey of deep self-love, we will focus on:

Replacing the dirty cycle of self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings with self-loving affirmations  so that you can create an empowering self perception that pushes you towards your goals

Rediscovering your true self so that you can uncover your passions and do more of what truly lights you up

Celebrating your gorgeous self and gaining self-awareness so that you can solidify your self-love practice and feel inspired daily

Acknowledging the beauty and strengths within yourself so that you can step away from your fears and comfort zones


Let’s stop the negative self-talk ONCE AND FOR ALL and get the process of falling in love with yourself STARTED TODAY!



Be present + Live in the NOW + Achieve the Impossible



Girl, this is your life. Decide how YOU want to live it. Don’t let your life pass you by and look back five or ten years from now thinking about what you would have changed. DON’T LIVE WITH REGRET! You have the power to change anything in your life that you are not happy with. This life is YOURS to design.

Day to day stress happens but absolute dissatisfaction is not acceptable. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I know this pattern because I have been there too. I have been unhappy with my life, but I also know that things do not change unless you make these changes happen.

You have to want them. You may not have a million dollars to give your life a radical makeover, but you can make subtle day to day changes that over time can make a huge difference. And that my friend,  is what I want to show you. It is so important to not “victimize” yourself into a life of doom. You can CHOOSE to wake up, be positive, have a HELL YES attitude and live this day to the fullest, or you can CHOOSE to wake up and say “ugghhhh another day, not again” and; go back to bed. YOU CAN CHOOSE!! When you start taking control of your actions – your life is going to change! You need to decide what kind of life you want to make for yourself.

Not every day is going to be easy! But every day CAN BE AMAZING!! CHOOSE AMAZING! This is the fun part and this is where life design comes in. There are so many different avenues, ideas and choices… but the best part about it is that  YOU get to take control of your life to design a life you love. This is really the most important part of your journey and what makes it so unique.  You only get one life, so choose to make the best of it. Have no regrets.

For designing a life that you absolutely love we will work on:

Begin clarifying your unique life vision so that you can align your action plan to reach your goals

o that you can

Taking control of your actions and listening to your intuition so that you can make the choices that are right for you

Practicing gratitude so that you can cultivate abundance within your life as you work towards your goals


Let’s work together to make these shifts happen in your mindset, within your life-design and throughout your day to day self-love routine to create a life that you absolutely love!


Who Am I?

Hello beauties! I’m MEGAN.

I am a quintessential busy-BEE with creative, infectious energy and a kind and generous soul. I work hard and pour my whole self into every new opportunity that comes my way. I am a 29-year-old nurse turned family nurse practitioner! I have been a nurse for eight years and an FNP for one year now (wow, time flies). One ting I have learned throughout my journey in the medical field is that there is a never-ending abundance of knowledge and resources for us to tap into and so, so many avenues for growth and personal development that it is just screaming for us to continue to learn and grow in as many ways possible. The human body and ind is such a special gift; it is truly incredible just how much we are capable of. This is so important for all of us as we are continuing to learn and grow in our own journey each and every day. Our mind and bodies are beautiful, amazing and capable vessels- they can go through so much and yet we are so strong and resilient. What I see are so many women who are not taking the greatest advantage of their mind, their bodies and really  this very LIFE that they have. That’s why I am so driven to lead a movement inspiring action on mindset, self-love and life design. I want people to maximize not only the resources that they can tap into today, but just the very potential they hold in themselves.

I LOVE HELPING OTHERS! I have a passion for empowering women to dig deep, push past their limiting self-beliefs and build a life they love. I am confident that I can help you learn, grow and overcome your fears to design a life YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE!


By the end of our time working together, you will develop:

A life by design with an exciting vision and goals that you cannot wait to wake up and START LIVING

Daily habits and helpful mindset shifts that will get your days started off right and help you to live a life full of joy and abundance

Lifelong strategies to overcome your fears and self-limiting beliefs to be in your best mindset

‣Unconditional love and respect for yourself that motivates you to put your best foot forward



3 month program


1 x 90 minute private kickoff phone call to discuss objectives for our time together, goals of your journey and to set expectations

9 x 60 minute private calls (3 calls per month)

Unlimited email support and Voxer messaging support

Weekly mantras & meditation exercises

Journaling worksheets you’ll love

Weekly Homework

A monthly book recommendation tailored specifically towards your needs to help you through your journey

Access to the high vibe Self-Love Junkie Tribe

Total Investment

3 month program:

One Time Payment: $2000 USD

3 Monthly Payments: $733 USD